about eva

# whoami?

I wear many hats these days: artist, writer, technician, tinkerer, educator, developer, wife, Spicy Space Lady. Magos Errant, for short. :) I was quasi-settled in Minnesota for the last decade until early 2019 when my husband and I moved to Columbus, Ohio, for new beginnings. It's much warmer here, and people are generally friendly. Not a bad gig so far.

# what do i like to do?

I enjoy creating things that stimulate the soul, whether it be music, art, writing, code, or food. This website has been a labor of love for me as well; making an "OS" from just CSS and JavaScript has been a blast. I love to learn, and to teach people about the things I've learned, especially:

  • figuring out how things work in all their forms,
  • taking things apart to understand their base functions,
  • putting those things back together after making the mess of discovery,
  • the philosophy behind how things work and figuring out why things are the way they are,
  • how words and other forms of communication influence people,
  • digital spaces, and how those spaces influence people's interactions,
  • oh and machines...I really like machines.

I love gaming, and spend a lot of time in space or worlds full of magic. I’m an avid (possibly rabid) Warhammer 40k and Eve Online fan, recently winning first place in the Aether Wars Phase III competition. Feel free to find me in game - links for all that are above. :)

# StrengthsQuest

## Learner
I am a firm believer in continuous improvement, and the process of learning excites me more than anything. I am energized by mastery, working to learn more about whatever interests me every day.
## Intellection
Thinking about thinking - I'm constantly thinking about something, whether it's a new idea, something I've read, or a new challenge I'd like to try. An introspective mental hum is a constant in my life.
## Input
I'm a collector of thoughts, things, and information. Inquisitive by nature, and excited by the world's infinite variety and complexity. I try to remember everything and anything, just in case it proves valuable in the future.
## Ideation
I love ideas - all of them - whether they're bad, good, strange, or obvious. I enjoy taking in the world we all know and turning it around to see it from a strange, but strangely enlightening, angle. "That's an interesting way to think about that, Eva," is a phrase I often hear. Most of the time it ends up working out, too. ;)
## Strategic
I'm adept at seeking out patterns and problems and cut through to find the best solution. I'm not intimidated by complexity; I revel in it.
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