Here's a few of my favorite tracks I've made. If you'd like to check out more, head over to my soundcloud page.

# computer music

One of my favorite pastimes is manipulating sound waves and synths, becoming one with the machine. I tend to favor the older industrial sounds, inspired by groups such as Skinny Puppy and Front 242.

| an homage to the most amazing film in the world, hackers [2019]
  thank you DEF CON 27 for the inspiration ♥

| star trek is pretty cool, too [2015]

# human music

I also enjoy singing. I spent nearly all my years in undergrad as a mezzo soprano and miss it dearly. I occasionally make up for the lack of choir in my life by doing vocal covers, usually for personal satisfaction. However, there are a few moments I record them over (other people's) music, like these:

| for those long-distance relationship feels [2016]

| still proud of those high notes [2015]

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