# whoami?

A complex bundle of atoms that happened to arrange itself in this specific configuration of Eva! I'm a linux aficionado, a huge fan of Vim, and really like computers - breaking them, breaking into them, fixing them after I've broken them, making art and electronic music on them, and talking to them (with code, of course). I especially love code - this website has been a labor of love for many years. Making an "OS" from just HTML, CSS, and JavaScript has been really neat.

I also love gaming in all of its forms and spend a lot of time in space or worlds full of magic - No Man's Sky is my #1. I also like to make games - my husband and I are currently working on a hex-based tabletop strategy & role-playing game. It's been a lot of fun designing worlds, characters, and lore. :) And finally, something else super cool: I won first place in the Aether Wars Phase III competition in 2019!

I love to learn and teach people about the things I've learned, especially:

  • how to take things apart to understand their base functions,
  • how to put those things back together after making the mess of discovery,
  • the philosophy behind how things work and figuring out why things are the way they are,
  • how words and other forms of communication influence people,
  • digital spaces, and how those spaces influence people's interactions,
  • oh and computers...I like computers. Have I mentioned that already? :)

Aside from that, I like to paint miniatures, work on embedded programming projects, fiddle with ASM, C, C++, Rust, and Python, look at malware and threat feeds, OSINT, and make music with analog synths. I'm also working on getting my Amateur Radio license this year - if all goes well, my callsign will be up here before the fall.

Thanks for checking my website out - feel free to contact me on any of those channels if you'd like to get in touch.

# StrengthsQuest

☆ Learner
I am a firm believer in continuous improvement, and the process of learning excites me more than anything. I am energized by mastery, working to learn more about whatever interests me every day.
☆ Intellection
Thinking about thinking - I'm constantly thinking about something, whether it's a new idea, something I've read, or a new challenge I'd like to try. An introspective mental hum is a constant in my life.
☆ Input
I'm a collector of thoughts, things, and information. Inquisitive by nature, and excited by the world's infinite variety and complexity. I try to remember everything and anything, just in case it proves valuable in the future.
☆ Ideation
I love ideas - all of them - whether they're bad, good, strange, or obvious. I enjoy taking in the world we all know and turning it around to see it from a strange, but strangely enlightening, angle. "That's an interesting way to think about that, Eva," is a phrase I often hear. Most of the time it ends up working out, too. ;)
☆ Strategic
I'm adept at seeking out patterns and problems and cut through to find the best solution. I'm not intimidated by complexity; I revel in it.
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